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Frank Williams

"I was attracted to this offer because of the effort the Daily Mirror was willing to put into the exercise of searching for the cheapest energy companies.

The whole process was so easy to follow. The information provided answered all my questions and made my decision making easy.

The monthly savings I will be making will go towards helping me buy a new car.

I would not hesitate to recommend this process of changing energy suppliers as it was so simple.

I will certainly repeat this process again when I feel the time is right.

My experience is that energy suppliers tend to get complacent if you stay with them year after year. They readily raise tariffs and quality of service deteriorates. As the saying goes a change is as good as a rest and in this case a cost saving to.

A new supplier wants to impress which can only mean good news to customers.

Thanks a million to the Daily Mirror."

Paul and Doreen

Paul and Doreen Eaves are delighted they joined the Mirror’s Big Switch campaign as they’ve slashed an impressive £600 off their energy bill.

“We spotted the big switch in our Daily Mirror and decided to see if we could chop our bill. It’s great to be saving that much -and after just a quick phone call,” says Paul, 70, a retired fire prevention officer from Wales.

Paul adds: “This really is power to the people – getting them to join together to give everyone better buying power and be able to take advantage of much cheaper prices.

“Like everything else our energy bills just kept going up, we inherited our energy provider when we moved into our home about a year ago. We thought the bills seemed high and asked our supplier if there was anything we could do about it.

“They didn’t give us any options or do anything so we decided to do something ourselves. There’s no sense in paying through the nose for exactly the same service. The money is much better in our pocket.”

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